Tuesday, October 18, 2005


病發了.... 幸好只買了 winnie the pooh 保暖杯一個; 幸好我跟奢侈品say good bye!

在街上看見女士們都愛用 '咕池', 令我反感起來, 看見女士用名牌手袋, 不足為奇; 但這年頭少女們都愛用名牌, 在人來人往的銅鑼灣更四周可見, 真的不明所以... 還記得小時候的我, 總覺得名牌是極奢侈的物件, 那會與我何干, 想起自己像是一條清澈的小河, 朋友家妮曾經說我是一張白紙, 的確曾是... 有誰不想做白紙, 只是現實歸現實, 明白人生的過程不能停滯不前, 但白紙不再, 往後來的便要自己好好編寫了.

I did a personality test yesterday and the result as the following.
You have a very strong sense of self-awarence and your own world, unlikely to be manipulated. You will use your own strength to actively reach your goals and gives other an impression of being passionate. You are decisive with friends, added to the image of a lone-ranger, those around you will feel that you are a mysterious character. While being mysterious can be charming sometimes others feel they cannot talk to you in a relaxing manner and finds you difficult to handle due to your caginess and high self-regard. It even gets to the point where people avoid unneccessary contact and stay as far away as possible.

The real you is actually rather gentle, but people will only notice your merits when they are very close to you.


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